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1-Year-Old Girl Awaits Her Brother’s Birth, Dies Just Days before Seeing Him

Krystal and Steven Edwards, a couple from Brisbane, Australia, were ready to celebrate the arrival of their second child when they found somewhat ap palling. It all began when their 23-month-old daughter, Ruby, unexpectedly turn out to be unwell.

Doctors discovered that Ruby was diagnosed with Cov id. The anxious parents couldn’t trust that their daughter had Co vid at this young stage, but they were confident she would recuperate quickly.

But Ruby’s health condition worsened because of an erratic autoimmune disorder. The little girl spent several days at the hospital as the medics did their best to treat her illness.

Image credit: Facebook/Krystal Edwards

Sadly, Ruby passed away on July 22, 2022, merely two weeks prior her birthday. Her parents were left in sh ock as they were just not prepared for this outcome.

Ruby’s unforeseen passing made her the youngest individual to di e from Co vid in Queensland. The news of her abrupt demise took a toll on her parents, who were looking forward to welcome their second child.

Ruby’s father, Steven, said that this is supposed to be such a joyful stint where our family would become complete but is now so shattered. In his Facebook post, he requested individuals to support them and be sympathetic. He sought people to think of his daughter as the little girl who had occupied their lives with happiness.

Image credit: Facebook/Krystal Edwards

For Krystal and Steven, it was tough to welcome their baby boy after losing their daughter, who was waiting to turn out to be an elder sister. The duo had no clue Ruby would leave this world a few days before her baby brother came into this world.

The parents understood that they had to be strong enough to greet their son, but they also recognized there would be occasions when they would breakdown thinking about their sweet little girl.

Steven concluded his Facebook post by revealing that he also had Co vid and hadn’t napped suitably for several days. He wished that his grief would soon end and that there would be a point where he would feel optimistic and joyful.

Krystal and Steven’s close friend, Sarah Watton, set up a crowed funding to help the couple, who were going through the nastiest time of their lives.

Image credit: Facebook/Krystal Edwards

Steven wrote an additional Facebook post on July 29, 2022, where he revealed the arrival of his son. He shows gratitude to those who had contributed to the fundraiser and those who helped him throughout their difficult phase.

Our feelings and prayers are with the parents, who are dealing with the aching loss of their daughter and while trying their best to remain robust for their new-born baby boy.

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