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101-year-old woman offers to adopt 20-year-old cat!

We Appreciate This Generous Lady Adopting Sweet Gus! What a Great Family She’s Got!

Goose underwent a fitness evaluation after relocating to the new shelter, and the results revealed that he was “exceptionally healthy.” They were aware that allowing Goose, a 20-year-old cat, to spend his golden years in a shelter was detrimental to his health.

The director of the shelter received an unexpected call not long after Gus arrived. It came from a family in need of a pet companion for their elderly mother. More specifically, what they’re looking for is a senior cat that can be adopted.

The family explained that Penny, their 101-year-old mother, had recently lost her cat and that they had given her a stuffed fake cat to cuddle with in her place. However, Penny wasn’t pleased with the gift because the fake cat wasn’t as cuddly as a real cat.

There is such a bond of love between the elderly woman and her dead senior cat in the photograph.

Crews exercised caution due to the ages of all parties, but the family claimed that they wanted to care for the cat, Goose, for the benefit of his mother.

The two were meant to be together, and Goose is adjusting to his new home incredibly well. This sweet woman searched for this girl for this long in order to love her for the rest of their lives. They are quite giving.

We’re overjoyed that this lady adopted the senior cat; she clearly adores him, and he’s a lovely creature who deserves it.

We appreciate the lady who saved the cat and gave her a loving home.

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