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20 Nature Photos that are Hard to believe but are indeed Real

This photo collection features some of the most incredible scientific real-life images we could discover. That some are strange, some are frightening, and some will completely blow your mind, but all of these amazing nature photos are real.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

The “Firefall” in Yosemite generally happens in February, when the setting sun reflects beautiful hues like red and orange over the waters of Horsetail Fall. The waterfall appears to be overflowing with lava due to the vivid red and orange colors.


IMAGE: Andy Goldsworthy

The glowing effect around the tree was obtained by arranging different colored leaves in a circular pattern by talented British Artist; Andy Goldsworthy. Yes, it is hard to believe.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

A real chile pepper with a rainbow of colors


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

The reflected picture of the sea from a piece of shattered glass against greenery gives the sense of a photo that has been manipulated or that is a doorway to another world.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

A massive wave occurred in the ocean. Consider what it might be like to see this while sailing on a boat. That’s a terrible experiance.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

Asperatus clouds are hovering above the island of New Zealand. This is a really cool one.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

Wisconsin residents are experiencing bizarre weather conditions. At the same time, it’s cold and hot.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

In the occasion of an Aluminum Sludge leak, the bottom half of tree trunks have developed a red accent.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

The block corners were surrounded by roots that had adapted and grown around them.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

A church in Georgia with a mountain in the background At first look, they appeared to be like ocean waves.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

The leaves on the trees surrounding it have already fallen, yet this tree has retained its leaves because the light is beaming on it.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

In Switzerland, there is a frozen pond. It’s remarkable how it froze over.


IMAGE: Quora/Artemis Raze

A square-shaped cloud as seen from an airplane.


Marshmallow Clouds – Because they resemble udders, these clouds are known as mammatus clouds or mammary clouds. These clouds frequently arise in conjunction with strong stormy weather or tornadoes, and pilots tend to avoid them due to turbulence.


Lake Natron – The cause for this distinct hue is water evaporation: when water evaporates, the concentration of salts and other minerals in the water increases, attracting microorganisms that thrive in these circumstances. These organisms cause the water to become crimson.


Spotted Lake – This is a salty endorheic alkali lake northwest of Osoyoos, a town in Canada’s British Columbia’s eastern Similkameen Valley. The lake appears normal in the winter and spring, but as summer approaches, the water evaporates, creating brine spots.


Imperial Snowflake – In fact, this six-pronged pattern was generated by the molecular shape of water, which creates fractals and repeats a six-pronged configuration when water freezes. A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, which form a solid, crystal lattice structure when frozen. However, just looking at this reminds me of the Imperial March.

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