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58-year-old woman covered in tattoos told to stop dressing ”like a teenager”

Women and girls are told they should be slender, tall, symmetrical, and have flawless skin in our beauty-obsessed culture.

But 58-year-old Lonni Pike consistently challenges preconceived notions about beauty by using social media.

The self-esteem of young girls and women has been influenced by beauty standards since ancient times. Yet, improving self-esteem for many people requires bringing attention to diversity and demonstrating that all bodies are great in their own unique ways.

And where does it say that you have to wear a certain way when you reach a certain age?

According to Californian Lonni Pike, women of any age can present themselves whatsoever makes them feel most at ease, regardless of their age.

With more than a million TikTok followers and more than 115,000 Instagram followers, Lonni has a sizable fan base on both platforms. She lives in California and has seen multiple instances of going viral on well-known applications.

Lonni referred to herself as a “underdog that everyone written off (including myself) who proved them wrong” in an interview with Bright Side.

“This second chance at life gives me the drive to do what I want to do and it lights a fire in me to help others find their reset button,” she continued. Short version: I think my life is fantastic.

Online, Lonni has made it clear that she wants to encourage her fans to define their own standards of beauty rather than conforming to external standards. She uttered:

Why would you want to blend in and appear like everyone else, if you stop to consider it? Because there is only one of you, be brilliant, brave, and authentic!
In each photo that she has posted, Lonni has accepted her own tattoos and grey hair. She explained that people should see a person’s “full picture” rather than just the parts of them in the interview, describing these as simply aspects of who she is as a whole.

What do you know? We are grandmothers, mothers, and students. We are female. We’re just time-stamped ourselves to remember who we are because we are who we are, she said.
She exudes joy and radiance. It’s irrelevant what other people think. Why do some people feel the need to instruct others on how to live?

I like the way she looks!

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