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A Video Has Gone Viral Showing Homeless Man Throwing A Birthday Party For His Dogs

This year began with a viral Instagram video of a homeless guy throwing a birthday celebration for his canine companion. A person who happened to pass by a neighborhood park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, recorded the event on camera.

On the three-minute video, the homeless man can be seen sitting with his two dogs on the steps of a park. Given that the two adorable dogs are sporting party hats, it is safe to presume that someone is celebrating a significant occasion.

Image credit: Instagram

The man then removed a cake from a plastic bag, set two candles on it, and lit them before beginning to sing “Happy Birthday” to the black dog.

Even without a clear audio track or subtitles, everyone can easily understand what is occurring in the video clip. The homeless man is preparing a birthday celebration for one of the dogs, his close pet. It was a truly beautiful moment, but what occurred afterwards is what truly touched everyone’s hearts.

Image credit: Instagram

After singing the birthday song, the man blew out the candles and kissed both of his canine companions before splitting up the cake for the three of them. As he watches his canines devour the birthday treat, the dad can be seen sobbing.

This Viral Video Showing A Homeless Guy Throwing A Dog Birthday Party For His Loyal Companions

Image credit: Instagram

The witness uploaded the moving footage on Instagram, where it rapidly became one of the most popular films across many social media platforms. Local reporters attempted to contact the man in the viral video in an effort to learn more about him.

Locals who frequent the park claim that the man in the video is a homeless man named Choko who is always seen with his two fluffy dogs, Shaggy and Nena. Local bloggers and journalists were able to locate him for interviews.

Choko was unaware of his famous video till he awoke one morning to find a large number of individuals requesting an interview.

Choko With His Dogs, Shaggy And Nena

Image credit: Instagram

Choko initially believed he had done something wrong to warrant the abrupt ‘interrogation’ But when they showed him the film, he understood he was obligated to share the specifics of that life-altering, joyful moment.

Image credit: Instagram

Choko Jose Luis Matos fled his home years ago to avoid his mother’s incessant abuse and harassment. Since then, he had been living on the streets of Colombia.

Image credit: Instagram

Every single minute of life on the streets was a battle. However, regardless of the difficulty, Choko never resorted to theft or any illicit conduct.

Choko Left His Home At An Early Age To Escape Mistreatment From His Abusive Mother

After years of working as a fisherman in Barrancabermeja, he moved to Bucaramanga to become a glass cleaner. When he was sitting in a park and his despondency began to consume him, he met a stray puppy whom he named Nena.

Image credit: Instagram

The puppy brought him new hope, and Nena’s friendship inspired him to fight for his life. After four years, he recovered Shaggy from his former owner, who intended to get rid of him.

His Dogs Nena And Shaggy Served As His Only Hope In Life

Since then, Choko has always been with his two dogs; they are his family, not just his pets. Choko intended to surprise Shaggy on his birthday with a chicken quarter, but he simply could not afford it. As if it were a blessing, he observed a woman attempting to discard a cake and intervened.

Image credit: Instagram

He requested that he be given the cake instead, and the woman agreed. After purchasing candles, he gathered dishes and a knife, washed them properly, and took his dogs to the park to celebrate Shaggy’s birthday.

His inspiring story moved the hearts of many individuals. The donations for Choko and his pets poured in from all around the world. Choko has an Instagram account that he established in 2019. As of this writing, his number of followers has surged to 187k after the video became viral.

Image credit: Instagram

Choko was appreciative to whoever captured and uploaded the birthday celebration video. He acknowledges the fame and global support he’s receiving so that he can finally afford a home and food, not only for Nena and Shaggy, but also for other street dogs in need.

“In so many years living on the street I was never alone,” Matos shares, “my dogs were always there to bring joy to many sad days and now together we are going to help many who need us!”

Thanks To The Viral ‘Dog Birthday Party’ Video, Choko Can Now Afford A Home For His Dogs.

Image credit: Instagram

As A Victim Of Abuse Himself, Choko Vows To Fight Animal Abuse And Help More Street Dogs As Much As He Can

Image credit: Instagram

Follow Choko on Instagram to find out what Shaggy, Nena, and the rest of his dog gang are up to. Donations can also be sent to his Nequi and Paypal accounts, which are posted on his Instagram profile, to assist his efforts to help additional street dogs and to combat animal cruelty.

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