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A Woman is Amazed to Find Her Taxi Driver Wearing an Oxygen Tube Works Hard to Earn a Living

Nongying Chuaibamrung, a Thai police officer, was taking a cab from the Pathum city station back to his home in Bang Khu Wat at 6:30 o’clock that August evening in 2020. She also observed that the vehicle was going no faster than 40 km/h while he was on the phone. The traveler was clearly distressed by this, but she maintained her composure and said nothing.

Soon after, he hung up and asked the female passenger to help him look for air bubbles in the oxygen tank that was connected to the back of his vehicle seat. Nongying approached the driver and initiated discussion out of curiosity.

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A number of illnesses had left 49-year-old Sumeth Singpun in need of dialysis. As a result of his eyesight problems, Sumeth drives slowly. Despite his hardships, Sumeth never whined and worked tirelessly to provide for his family. Nongying was so inspired by his persistence that she blogged about him.

Sumeth, a taxi driver, resides in Ayutthaya, Bang Sai. Inside Pathum Prison, he operates as a cab driver. His daily expenses, including rent, transportation to and from work, and food, are all covered by the money he earns. In Thailand, those who are disabled receive an allowance of only $21.90 (800 Thai Baht) per month. This is not nearly enough to cover the cost of their necessary medical care. Due to his own kidney disease, Sumeth must also undergo dialysis.

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Sumeth has a son, but he doesn’t see him very often because he lives far away. His awareness of his father’s illness is unclear. Several years ago, Sumeth’s kid up and left.

He is a solitary man who resides in Ayutthaya. He is responsible for rent. If you don’t put forth any effort, you won’t be paid. Similarly, there is insufficient funding for the care of disabled persons. We’ll have to call a taxi to get us there. Nongying commented on Facebook, “There is a son, who never came home to take care of him.”

Nongying also mentioned that she had enough money to help Sumeth in any other way he might need it.

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Nongying stated, “He just has one son.” “He never showed up to look after him. To be more precise, he yelled. My words alone were insufficient to soothe him. As soon as we pulled up to our house, I stepped out to pay the cab fare and lend him any cash I had on hand. In addition, I assured him I’d share his tale on Facebook. He also let me photograph his identification card. The lighting was terrible, but I snapped the photo regardless. It’s not quite obvious from the snapshot alone. All I got was a number.

More of Sumeth’s story is available on his Facebook page. His life is an inspiration to anybody who hears it, and it gives those on the verge of giving up hope that they can make it. There is adversity in everyone’s lives. Keep fighting until you win. “The sky is usually clear after a shower.” ❤️

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