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A woman saves a mouse and invites a pretty small picnic

This is a story about a woman named Brighid Rose, who saves a mouse, feeds it a treat, and shows the rest of the world the importance of treating animals with love and kindness.

Image Credit : Brighid Rose | thedodo

One day, while Rose was visiting her parents, she came across a small little rat that had made his home there. This little visitor was on the lookout for something to eat, and her parents were needy to get rid of the mouse. The parents assumed the cat would take care of the mouse.

But Rose was trying to support the animal, so she picked him up and took him to the ground behind her parents’ house. Rose did not want to leave the mouse outside, as it was looking for food in her parents’ cabinets. Rose had the brilliant idea of giving the little mouse a farewell trip at the same time.

Credits: thedodo

She spread a napkin on the floor as if it were a picnic. After that, various foods were placed on top of it. Rose’s video proves that the mouse attended the mouse’s party and thoroughly enjoyed himself. It’s heartbreaking to see the helpless little mouse eating food.

For a while, they both certainly enjoyed this opportunity. The little animal then discovered a nice spot that would serve as a large shelter. Rose was a thoughtful person who remembered to give him some food. Rose has always been fond of animals, as proven by this action.

Goodbye, little mouse. Finally, she did not forget to share the extremely beautiful video of him enjoying his food. This incident unquestionably brightened her day. Do you like to read more amazing stories like this click here.

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