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A woman takes 18 disabled dogs to see the wonders of the beach for the first time!

Seeking more of what we lack is a habit we all have in life. losing sight of how fortunate we are. Instead of being content with what we have, we lament what we lack and perhaps harbor jealousies about what others possess.

Comparing your life to the lives of others is a bad habit. The most grateful people eventually become the ones with the least to be grateful for. This is how one lives.

A study on African children, who are happier than children in the developed world, was conducted a few years ago.

African children are grateful for each meal they are given every day even if they do not have much in life. Other kids all throughout the world enjoy play and other luxuries.

Dogs are the same way. The majority of dogs that reside with their owners are flawless in every way. However, stray and disabled dogs are not given any of these things.

Many of the disabled dogs living here lead completely normal lives. It’s very interesting to see these group of canines with disabilities playing and running around on the beach.

She made the choice to transport 18 dogs on a day trip from the SFT Animal Sanctuary, which Salima Kadaou had originally established in Tangier, Morocco. It is noteworthy that each of these dogs has a disability. Little dogs run through the waves that hit the shore and take their first steps in the sand.

These Dogs Completely Forget That They Are in Wheelchairs While Doing This.

Dogs adored the beach, Salima remarked. We can all benefit from watching this video, I suppose. Dogs are wonderful friends and excellent teachers for all of us. As someone who regularly watches dog videos, I personally gain a lot of knowledge from them. One thing I learned from this particular video is that happiness can be found in even the most insignificant aspects of life. I sincerely hope that this video may serve as an inspiration to others, especially those with disabilities who may feel like they have no hope for a better life.

It’s true. For People, This Is A Very Important Exemplary Event. We must be content with what we have and refrain from lamenting what we lack.
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