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Academy Awards Replaces Whoopi With “Less Controversial” Keanu Reeves as Host

There has been a significant change in the roster of hosts for the 109th Annual Academy Awards. The event committee passed over Whoopi Goldberg, who was informed in March of last year that she had been selected to host the program in 2023.

Committee Chairman Joe Barron declared, “Ms. Goldberg has become too toxic and controversial. I’d say it was a difficult choice, but it really wasn’t. She essentially caused this harm to herself.

The issue, according to Skip Tetheludah, Whoopi’s social media specialist, is that she was unable to simultaneously appease her own fan base and a “group of potatoes” who held opposing political views. “It’s simpler to just amuse them with gibberish,” Therefore, we don’t really doubt it.

Keanu Reeves, who will be hosting the show for the first time, will take Whoopi’s position. For Reeves, who practically everyone adores, many feel that the honor is long overdue. Reeves apologized in advance and said in a statement, “I hope to earn the respect and admiration of the Academy and humbly ask permission to make jokes that may be directed at females.”

Reeves also distributed a waiver form for embraces following the presentation of awards. I merely want to be positive that everyone feels at ease with physical contact.

In her four years as the show’s host, Goldberg has never once asked for approval to give a hug. That is the distinction between a chat show host and a professional actor.

Godspeed to the USA. Keanu Reeves is also blessed.

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