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Actress Danica McKellar Says She’s Thankful For Her New Relationship With Jesus

Danica McKellar, star of “Wonder Years,” recently spoke about her faith and how accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior this year changed her life forever.

On Candace Cameron Bure’s podcast, the 47-year-old joined the Great American Family actress to talk about their Christmas traditions and their faith. They hadn’t even started talking before McKellar thanked Bure for a modest gift that had made a significant difference in her life.

I don’t want to minimise the enormous, enormous impact that you have had on my life this year, Candace, McKellar said. “I’m not even sure how to describe that as friendship; it goes beyond that. It has been like a revolution in my life as a result of you assisting me in discovering my relationship with God and Jesus. In my life, it has been a revelation.

“You gave me this Bible that I read constantly, and I love it so much. I now attend church, and I just talk to Jesus all day long,” she continued. It’s incredible. And you served as my mentor. You were and still are a pure angel in my life. And I just wanted to publicly thank you for that.

According to CBN News, McKellar posted an Instagram live video in April in which she acknowledged having doubts about Christianity for a significant portion of her life.

She revealed in that video that after speaking with Bure, she had changed her mind. When she was dealing with the concept of forgiveness, she DM’d her dear friend @candacecbure about a verse she had seen on her instastories. After that, she mailed her a Bible and invited her to church, which is how it all began, she recalled at the time.

Bure replied to McKellar’s article with the following statement: “God’s love is greater than any human love, and when He envelops you in realising how potent it is because He is, it’s unmistakable. My dear buddy, I am praying for you as you travel and grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Although being raised in a religious environment, McKellar claims she only encountered its unfavourable aspects. “During my life, beginning in childhood, I had been exposed to all the hypocrisy in the many Christian churches, as well as how they have historically been utilised for evil, power, and control, and that had undoubtedly skewed me,” she said.

“We occasionally misuse and corrupt anything strong. And since I associated it with that, I was missing out on all the fantastic and lovely things. like anything that is good. I wasn’t previously receptive to it,” she said on the podcast.

Yet since since falling in love with Jesus, her perspective has altered. She claims that after changing her perspective, she now recognises the depth of God’s love for all people. I’m having a relationship with God and Jesus that I’ve never had before, and it feels miraculous, I can tell you that. McKellar, best known for playing Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, recently starred in Great American Family instead of Hallmark Channel.

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