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Alicia Surprises His Dog by Getting Dressed up Like His Favorite Toy

Charlie will never forget the day Mr. Quackers came alive. Charlie, a sweet puppy, adores his toy duck, and this is the story of how he got it. Charlie has many other toys to keep him happy. However, he prefers to spend his time with Mr. Quakers, a toy duck.

Credits: Charlie the golden

Alicia, Charlie’s owner, stated that Charlie carried duck everywhere with him and also slept with Quakers at night. She was surprised because Charlie had never acted this way with a toy before.

So because the puppy is so fond of the duck, Alicia and her husband thought it would be fun to plan a nice surprise for him. So they decided to pay him a visit with a huge and fully animated Mr. Quackers.

Credits: Charlie the golden

Alicia’s husband found a great Mr. Quackers costume at a store and dressed up as the duck. Charlie was shocked to see his favorite toy come alive. Charlie’s tail began wagging so quickly that his entire body started to move as soon as he saw the living Mr. Quackers. ” It was a brilliant moment.”

Credits: Charlie the golden

Charlie would have been perfectly satisfied if his beloved toy had never come to life. But watching how thrilled he was to finally meet Mr. Quackers made it even better for his owners. How do you feel about Alicia’s Dog Surprise? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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