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An 8-year-old boy asks his mother to pull over so he can assist an older woman up the stairs.

Maurice Adams Jr., 8, noticed an older woman attempting to ascend the stairwell. He intended to assist her. Morris was driving his sister and mother home from high school when he saw an older woman struggle to climb the stairs out the window. He asked his mother, Contricia, to pull over to the side of the road and let him out to assist the woman.

He asks, “Can I go out and help him up the stairs?” Contricia said. Riley Duncan, who was driving behind them, was ecstatic to see the automobile stop in front of her. He then captured a sweet little boy exiting his automobile to assist an elderly stranger.

Morris approached the woman and asked if she could assist, to which she consented. He placed his hand on his back and assisted her in lifting his steps.

As they clasped at the top of the concrete stairs, the older woman and Morris were both smiling. He later stated that he and Morris were “different.”

Morris went downstairs and into his mother’s car, and the two of them drove away. Kontorishia was proud of her kid for helping an older adult who needed assistance.

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