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An Abandoned Airplane Wreck In The Bushes Of North Poland

When someone ventures into the wilderness, we usually expect them to find a bunch of trees and animals. But you may even come across an airplane among the bushes as well! Although it seems weird, one photographer came across an abandoned aircraft wreck in the wilderness of the Northern Polish lands.

This article brings you the amazing photos that Łukasz Lenkiewicz captured on his camera. He visited the Northern Polish woods in search of this Antonov An-2. This was one of the biggest mass-produced aircraft with a single-engine. Even though they are almost not in use in the world, these aircraft were commonly seen back in the day. The amazing aircraft wreck in the middle of the wilderness is such an amazing sight for this photographer. People set off on adventures in seek of abandoned buildings, cars, and other places, but you don’t get to discover abandoned aircraft every day. Scroll down to check out this set of photos below.

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