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An Elderly Lady Was Surprised By Her Garbage Cleaner On Her 100th Birthday

Human beings are born to appreciate and love one another, when most people ignore the essence of being humans, we are indeed lucky enough to listen and see acts of kindness once in a while, all thanks to people who are blessed with compassion and empathy not everybody is strong enough to embrace one another with love.

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In a clip that has been going around the internet for the past few days and melting people’s hearts, the garbage man is seen walking up a garden path with a pink and white birthday cake in hand.

This elderly woman received the sweetest surprise from her favorite garbage collector, Ben bird turned friend for her 100th birthday.

Ben had been collecting Mercy’s garbage for 8 years. Through his weekly visits, the two developed an unlikely friendship. They chat every Thursday for roughly ten minutes – from 8:00 to 8:10 – which is the time of Ben’s visits. Through their brief conversations, the pair were able to talk about everything, from family to technology.

Image credit: Twitter

Ben promised to Mercy that if she reached 100 years old, he’d show up at her doorstep with a birthday cake. As Mercy kept her end of the bargain, Ben recruited two of his friends to surprise Mercy and celebrate this with her.

Mercy’s granddaughter is thankful to friends and neighbors like Ben who took time out of his busy day to make her grandmother feel special.

Image credit: Twitter

“So I messaged him to thank him that he made her day,” Katy told ITV News. “We all feel very blessed to have her, she has a great sense of humor and is loved by so many. We treasure every moment.”

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