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Another Endangered Tiger Cub Lost To Toronto Zoo, Ten Days After First One Died!

The Toronto Zoo expressed its sorrow over the tragic loss of a little tiger cub born on April 30, 2021, on May 21.

Two cubs were born to the dead tiger’s mother, Mazyria, an Amur tiger, but one of them passed away due to severe liver damage. She found it upsetting to learn that one of the other two was a little child and that only one child remained.

Image Source: The Toronto Zoo

The other remaining cub was cared after by zoo staff, but they were unable to gain weight. The tests conducted by the zoo’s medical staff verified that the cub had a severe heart condition.

A hole in the main chamber of the cub’s heart, which had injured her heart and lungs, was discovered during a CT scan. Additionally, a significant blood vessel was entering the organ from the incorrect side. These issues were too difficult to fix.

Image Source: The Toronto Zoo

To everyone’s surprise, the other cub who was battling the illness passed away on Friday. She was “Humanely” Killed, the Zoo reported in a Facebook post that same day.

The Amur Tiger is a listed endangered species. There were just 40 Amur Tiger Cubs left in the world in the 1940s. Their population is currently around 450 tigers thanks to their breeding.

Image Source: The Toronto Zoo

Only in certain regions of China and Russia can you find these Amur Tigers. The population of this species will continue to decline, which should cause conservationists great concern.

Amur tigers should be kept in captivity to increase their population and lifespan, according to scientists.

The third Amur tiger cub, named Mazy, is being closely watched by the zoo following the loss of the first two cubs. She is now in good health and developing normally.

Image Source: The Toronto Zoo

We hope she has a healthy, trouble-free childhood.

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