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Baby rejected by modelling agency for having Down syndrome becomes popular, lands ad campaign

Advertising and advertisements are changing in our day and age to better reflect society as a whole.

Recently, we’ve seen fashion labels support older, plus-sized, and disabled models, as well as gradually curtailing the practise of photo editing.

Despite that, there is still a long way to go.

One devoted mother sent photos of her kid to the management of the children’s apparel firm Oshkosh B’Gosh, but they had no interest in employing him as a model.

The cause? He has Down syndrome, the boy.

Georgia is a state in the US where Meagan Nash resides with her family.

Meagan uploaded pictures of her 15-month-old son Asher when children’s clothing retailer Oshkosh B’Gosh stated that they were searching for models.

The young child perfectly matched the needs of the business. He possessed the appropriate height, the appropriate hair colour, and the appropriate eye colour.

Meagan sent in pictures of her son, but she received no response.
Meagan got in touch with corporate personnel, who informed her that Asher wouldn’t be appearing in their forthcoming ad because they didn’t want “a baby with special needs.”

Did they specify that a child with special needs was not being cast? The Independent claims that the mother retaliated.

Meagan was irate and dissatisfied.

She could certainly see that not every child is given the opportunity to be a model, but to refuse her son because he possesses an extra chromosome?

Meagan hoped that the business had given it more thought and understood how much Asher could have brought them. She chose to take action after becoming enraged.

On the “Kids with Down’s Syndrome” Facebook page, she shared images of her son Asher.

Asher was captured by photographer Crystal Barbee wearing a blue denim shirt and a bow tie, and her images of him became immediately popular.

Meagan sent the following letter to the business that rejected her son:

“Let’s change the world; spread the word so they may see Asher!

“This lovely child is eager to demonstrate to the world the true meaning of Transforming the Face of Beauty.”

Over 100,000 people have liked Asher’s photos on Facebook as of the time of writing.

Meagan stated in the article that she and the Changing the Face of Beauty organisation were attempting to convince Oshkosh to use her son in their advertising while emphasising that an agency, not the clothing business, had rejected her son.

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