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Boy Rushes to Hug Stranger, Doesn’t Know He’s a Grieving Dad Who Lost His Daughter a Week Ago

Let’s face it: we’ve all wanted to embrace the individual who brings us our pizza. However, it is only appropriate to attempt it if you are a child.

A 2-year-old Cohen from Rhode Island raced down his delivery man as he was exiting the porch to thank him with a big bear hug. The family’s doorbell camera filmed the lovely moment, which has now gone viral.

Image credit: Facebook/Lindsey Sheely

Cohen leaps out the front door and onto the family’s porch as delivery man Ryan Catterson closes the gate. But he’s gracious enough to pause and receive the embrace and appreciation.

The kid also wanted to kiss him, however his mother followed him and advised him it was better to blow a kiss rather.

Lindsey Sheely, Cohen’s mother, initially shared the video on her Instagram stories. But social media shrinks our world, and the footage made its way back to Catterson.

Image credit: abc4utah

Sheely later posted on Facebook that she uploaded this to her Instagram stories last night, and it somehow made its way to the man who brought their pizza! Thank you for being so kind with their son, Ryan.

However, there was something more affecting about the sight. Catterson treasured that hug more than anyone could have dreamed.

Catterson and Sheely were linked on Facebook through a common acquaintance, and it was there that she found and gave consent to reveal the devastating cause for the hug. He had recently lost his 16-year-old daughter, Alyssa.

Image credit: Facebook/Lindsey Sheely

Sheely explained in her post that they had no idea what Cohen’s embrace to this stranger would imply. Through this, they discovered that Ryan had lost his daughter suddenly, and that embrace from Cohen was a small favour from God.

Catterson responded to the Facebook post with many thanks for publishing this. The week has been very difficult, which has made him quite happy. He added that the child is such a wonderful little fellow.

A GoFundMe effort for travel and burial costs raised more than $31,000 for the bereaved family.


She believes in divine appointments and knows that Ryan was the one to bring their pizza for a purpose,” Sheely wrote before sharing the link to the fundraiser with viewers (which is now closed).

Many viewers of the video wished to think that young Cohen’s hug was a message, that Alyssa was gazing down on her father and bringing him a little extra love just when he needed it.

“We are never truly gone…we look out for the ones we love….she hugged him one last time….a thank you,” one YouTube user commented.

Image credit: abc4utah

Catterson believed it as well. He expressed that he hoped the simple gesture meant his daughter was still with him in some manner. Nonetheless, it was the ideal gift at the ideal time.

Sheely expressed hope that the film will brighten folks up as news headlines become less hopeful by the day. Scroll down to see the incredible footage and an interview with Catterson.

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