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Dad Teams Up With 11-Year Old Son to Convert School Bus Into Mobile Learning Center.

Father and son from Atlanta, Georgia raise $30,000. Sean Harris and his 11 years old son complete a project of a mobile financial learning center bus.

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Presently, they are in the way of renovating a bus of 54 passengers which was acquired in 2021. The bus route will be generally going around to neighborhoods and schools teaching kids about the financial literacy.

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Sean tells us that teaching his son about being smart financially is not only the greatest joy but also working hard on hand-in-hand projects which impact so much on their community is also wonderful.

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Caden shares with us how these projects are so important. These projects allow him to build his further business which teaches Little kids about financial literacy by him.

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He also expresses to us why it’s important for the community to take part very actively in the fundraising process. He says that it becomes very exciting and will give the community a big opportunity

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They see the bus is going down to the street and they feel that we should contribute to the project. Caden added that his age will also give inspiration to the other young kids and adults who needed to go after fulfilling their dreams and goals.

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