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Dear Grandpa, says a woman as she announces her pregnancy in the sweetest way possible.

@emsteng, a TikTok user, had some exciting news to share with her father, and her video gained a lot of attention. She also tried to recall Joanne, her late mother. This is how she expressed her surprise to her father. Emsteng is pregnancy leady but still, his father doesn’t know about it. hows feel read the full story, it’s so adorable.

As her father looked at her mother’s grave, Hershey placed a bar on the tombstone. It’s without a doubt one of her favourite pleasures. @emsteng brought a gift to her father as a surprise. A tiny box with a pacifier and a note informing her of her pregnancy!

Image credit: Emsteng

The loving father started reading aloud the note he had received from his daughter as a gift. His eyes widened with delight as he realized what was going on. That was the moment emsteng wished for.

“You’re pregnant!” He shouted before leaving to hug. Later, as he had told Joan, he turned his attention to the tomb. It was an extremely moving moment. That was a fantastic occasion for him to share with his wife. Do you know all moms have a Pregnancy dream? We will wish to them all will be correct.

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