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Do you have any experience with a 40-Ton Whale Leaping Out Of Water?

The ocean is one of the largest ecosystems on the planet and it is home to some of the largest living creatures on earth. These wonderful creatures frequently surprise us by surfacing.

Craig Capeheart saw a huge 40-ton whale fling itself out of the water for a wonderful splash. This sighting happened in the South-Eastern seas off the coast of South Africa. It was a really amazing moment for him as a scuba diver. This spectacular scene was captured on camera by Capeheart, and it is another incredible piece of video.

We usually see a whale resurface when it is submerged, so jumping out of the water completely is a unique occurrence. Continue reading to learn more about this incredible experience.

More info: YouTube

Do you know why whales leap out of the water? As per the experts, it is a way for whales to communicate across long distances. This act of jumping out of the water is described as “breaching.” It is similar to the tail slap performed often by whales. However, the tail slap is for communication over short ranges.

Most of us humans have no idea how these amazing creatures communicate. However, this is what we call the wonder of nature. We should value and protect every part of these beautiful creations of the planet. Since Capeheart filmed this scenario on his camera, we were able to witness it. Watch it below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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