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‘Doctor Peyo’, a wonderful therapeutic horse, was a comfort to over 1000 patients who were spending their last few hours of life

Some bonds between animals and people are surprisingly loving.

A 15-year-old horse named Peyo is being used as a therapy companion in a French hospital, according to some wonderful news. This horse aids hospital patients in coping with pain and loneliness. According to My Modern Met, He Consoles Cancer Patients Who Are Near Death.

Peyo was initially intended to compete in equestrian competitions, but over time, his handler, Hassen Bouchakour, started to realize that his horse had other plans. Peyo would pick out particular people in a crowd after performances and stand beside them.

Bouchakour knew the rationale behind his selection of those with physical or mental disabilities. Then, he removed the horse from the contest and put it to good use by providing aid to those in need.

Bouchakour is presently researching Peyo’s extraordinary abilities with the therapy group Les Sabots Du Coeur (Blocks Of The Heart).

They discovered that the patients no longer required giving large amounts of medicine after the encounter with the horse. This process is intriguing. The patients’ pain appeared to lessen after this encounter with Peyo.

“I Didn’t Ask For This to the Extent That I Am This Horse’s Collateral Damage. I Had A Hard Time Accepting It. My successful career as a sportsman and entertainer came to an end as a result. The Story of Bouchakour Inspires More.

In 2016, Bouchakour and Peyo began volunteering at the Calais Hospital, and today they visit patients in the palliative care unit almost daily. The Horse Was Called “Dr. Peyo” Due To His Improved Skills.

Payo signals to his handler horse that the patients need to pay attention as he stands with one leg raised beside the hospital door.

It was difficult to give up control and to be forced to acknowledge that I am no longer in charge when Peyo notices someone is ill. I am unable to stop him from acting once he makes a decision because it is his need to leave and cling to the particular person he has chosen. Added Bouchakour.

Everyone at the hospital, including the staff and patients, is quite fond of this amazing healer. When a patient is nearing death, Payo is particularly beneficial. They spend their final moments with Peyo, and as a result, they pass away more peacefully.

He carefully cleans Peyo, disinfects him, and even teaches Peyo how to signal when he needs to go to the bathroom. Bouchakour receives a signal from the horse telling him to move his body outside and in a side-to-side motion. Every time you go out, Payo only needs to be prepared in two hours.

“With Peyo, we try to recreate life at the end of life so that we can fight and create an energy to support families and caregivers,” Hassen said. I go with him, but I give him the freedom to do anything he chooses.

Peyo Has Aided Over a Thousand People In Their Final Hours Since He Started Providing This Incredible Service As A Therapy Horse. He Also Has A True Friendship With His Handler, which is another plus. “Peyo is my life partner and the other half of me. To me, he is everything. said Bouchakour.

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