Dog Always Offers His Favorite Toy When He Hears His Baby Brother Crying

Harsha Madushanka
Harsha Madushanka

In a touching display of empathy, this dog willingly shares his favorite toy to soothe his baby brother's tears.

Dog brings crying brother his favorite toy to comfort him

Meet Brutus, a Bullmastiff residing with his loving family in Northern California. Among his array of toys, Brutus holds one item sacred: a fluffy yellow ball, affectionately known as the "fluffball." It's the only toy Brutus won't tear apart in a matter of minutes, according to Bonnie Michalek, Brutus' human companion.

Despite his penchant for toy destruction, Brutus is a devoted and gentle dog. The Michalek family welcomed Brutus into their lives in 2016, considering him their first child, as Michalek fondly recalls.

Recently, the Michaleks expanded their family with the arrival of their first human child, baby Kayden, just 11 weeks ago. They had no doubts about Brutus adapting to this new addition to the family.

Brutus has always adored children, Michalek explains, noting how he would get excited whenever he heard children laughing outside their home.

In fact, Brutus seemed to sense the Michaleks' impending pregnancy before they did. Michalek reflects, "Brutus definitely sensed it before I even knew I was pregnant. He knew before I did." Even when Michalek's husband was working night shifts, Brutus would refuse to stay in his crate, opting to be close to her. At the time, she thought he was just being a bit stubborn, but in hindsight, he was likely trying to protect her.

Recognizing Brutus' affectionate nature, Michalek ensured that he was involved in the family's preparations for Kayden's arrival. When the baby was born, Brutus spent some quality time with Bonnie's parents to have a special moment with her before meeting the newborn.

Upon his return, Brutus immediately showed affection to the baby, wanting to kiss and cuddle with Kayden.

From that day on, Brutus has remained a constant presence by Kayden's side. Whenever he hears the baby cry, Brutus rushes to offer comfort, bringing along his cherished fluffball.

"He takes his favorite stuffed animal and gives it to Kayden to comfort him," Michalek shares. Brutus seems to believe that if the fluffball can bring him happiness, it can do the same for his little brother.

The Michalek family looks forward to the future with Kayden, especially summer trips to their cabin where Brutus has always enjoyed hiking. "I'm very excited to have Kayden along," Michalek says.

As the family grows, everyone is learning and evolving, and perhaps, Brutus will discover that there are other toys, not necessarily designed for dogs, that he can share with Kayden in return, continuing their heartwarming bond.

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