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Eight Orphaned Hedgehogs are Adopted by a Mother Cat and Raises Them as Her Own Babies

Despite being of different species, a mother cat cared after eight orphaned hedgehogs that had recently lost their mother soon after giving birth.

Image credit: Ruptly

Instinctively, the eight baby hedgehogs seek for their mother’s love and attention after they are born. Unfortunately, their mother died after they were born, leaving them hungry and in dire need of milk. Unexpectedly, a cat led them to a surrogate mother.

Image credit: Ruptly

In the now-famous video, mother cat Musya was seen giving the kittens milk since they were still too young to take care of themselves and because their eyesight was still developing. The young hedgehogs objected to being fed with a syringe or a bottle.

Image credit: Ruptly

Fortunately, Musya still had milk from fostering other kittens and gave some to the baby hedgehogs. She doesn’t fail to provide milk and take care of them even at night! This is the most adorable sight to see… a surrogate mother from another species fending on babies like they were her own!

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