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Family Adopts Blind Disabled Pit Bull Puppy, He Showers Them With Endless Love

There will never be an appropriate word to describe the sense of hopelessness that comes with losing a loved one. For Oscar the red cat, the best thing in his life is his friendship with Dexter the bulldog. Dexter dies unexpectedly after a long illness, leaving poor Oscar devastated. There’s a big void in his life that he doesn’t know how to fill.

Oscar’s family had to admit that Dexter’s death had a noticeable impact on the cat’s health. Oscar’s battle with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) returns with vengeance, and his health soon takes a serious turn as he misses his canine friend so much and has been emotionally stressed.

Seeing that Oscar’s will to survive is getting lower and lower, his family considers adopting a new furry companion. That’s when they heard about Jude, a sickly pit bull with juvenile bone disease. Jude is blind and has a deformed spine. His family adopted him, hoping to give him a better life.

Despite many physical struggles, Jude surprised everyone with his amazing spark of life. He is a master sailor who never slows down. With his easy-going personality, it was only a matter of time before the heartbroken Oscar had to pay attention.

While Jude is definitely an idiot around other dogs, he somehow knows that the frustrated little Oscar is suffering from a different kind of pain. Not only did he embrace the cat with soothing love, but he gradually freed her from the bondage of his overwhelming sadness.

Today, Jude has been in Oscar’s life for over 6 months, and the two have become each other’s sanctuary. What a touching miracle! The healing power and optimistic attitude of this different disabled boy has undoubtedly given everyone a rare understanding of how to live a fulfilling life despite all kinds of difficulties!

Click the video below to watch how a disabled Jude revived Oscar’s broken spirit and showed the world the true meaning of being “happy”.

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