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Family raises over $250,000 for 72-year-old pizza delivery worker who fell on their porch, to help her retire

Performing after the age of 60 is not for the weak-willed. However, many people have no option but to act in this manner. Many individuals who are close to retirement still struggle to make ends meet.

This is a heartwarming tale of a family sticking up for a person and enabling her to retire.

Barbara Gillespie, a 72-year-old pizza delivery woman, was going about her regular business. When something happened, she was delivering an order for a neighborhood household. The order’s recipient, Lacey Keighron, made the decision to alter her life as a result.

She held her purse in one hand and the pizza boxes in the other. As soon as she entered the porch of the household, she tripped and dropped the food. The spouse of Lacey Keighron emerged from the house, checking on Gillespie and offering assistance.

The family’s security video captured the entire incident. And Lacey made the decision to share it on TikTok to help Gillespie gain support. Later, she created a GoFundMe website to aid in Gillespie’s retirement fund raising.

The couple related to Gillespie’s battle because it seemed all too familiar. Our main driving force, according to Lacey, was the fact that both of our fathers—father Keighron’s and her spouse Kevin’s father—retired in their later years and passed away from terminal cancer. When we saw Gillespie still working at her age, it struck a chord in our hearts and made us think of both of our dads.

Keighron revealed to The State in South Carolina that she had gotten Gillespie’s full identity from the Domino’s restaurant there so that she could be the recipient of the GoFundMe funds. The source also claimed that Keighron directly informed Gillespie of the good news by going to the Domino’s with her daughters.

The event was successful in raising more than $254,438! Enough to allow Gillespie to enjoy his retirement. Keighron informed her fans that the 72-year-old had given her two weeks’ notice on February 9, 2023.

According to Keighron, Gillespie expressed expectations that the money would enable her to take a cruise and visit Europe during her retirement.

In a statement about Gillespie’s retirement, Domino’s Pizza said, “Barbara is a beloved family member and was recently recognized as Team Member of the Year for 2022 within my business. She is also a darling of our clients and is always cheerful. We are all overjoyed that these thoughtful clients were able to assist her in making such a significant life change. We are thrilled for her.

I sincerely hope Barbara Gillespie can now relax and spend her leisure however she pleases! To let others know that there are still good individuals in the world, share this motivational article with them.

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