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Few people can’t find the bus among the cars

Nowadays, technology dominates our daily activities to the point where we hardly ever get to use our minds. I’ve been following in the footsteps of my grandma, who spends an hour each day solving crossword puzzles, puzzles, and riddles, because a few minutes of intellectual stimulation never hurts.

I may not have the same amount of time to commit to it as she does, but even a short session with a challenging brainteaser leaves me feeling revived and reenergized.

Who knows, it could just be a placebo effect. But why not, as long as it makes you feel good?

I always enjoy challenges when I have to look for anything in a photo that stands out. Anything from locating a certain letter to identifying which number is missing might be included.

I came found a challenge this morning that really puts your brain-eye coordination to the test. I had believed that this would be really simple, but appearances may be deceiving!

10 second time frame

The idea is really straightforward. It is your task to examine this photo of several autos. It’s up to you to find the bus that is concealed among them.

The problem is that you only have 10 seconds to do it—no more! If you take your time, it becomes too simple; most people can’t do it within the allotted time, claims YouTube channel BrightSide.

Now let’s see if you can find the bus.

Did you finish in under ten seconds? If not, the answer is down below!

Don’t be afraid to click the SHARE button immediately if you located the bus or if you just want to test your pals.

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