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Fierce 101-yr-old woman from Maine is still lobstering with no plans of retiring.

Unlike most individuals, this woman does not anticipate retirement.

The majority of Virginia “Ginny” Oliver’s 90 years have been spent working on lobster boats.

Ginny still resides on Claredon Street in Maine, where she was born in 1920. On the same street where she was born, Ginny and her late husband bought a home. There, she reared her four children and now welcomes her grandkids for visits.


At the age of eight, the woman started working as a lobster worker. She would go fishing with her father and brother on the boat, catching sardines and lobsters to sell to nearby businesses for processing. However, they would carry some of their catch home, as Ginny continues to do. She like lobster rolls made just from Maine lobster, grilled bread, and a tiny bit of mayo.

She is renowned for her baking abilities as well, especially for her brownies, cakes, and doughnuts.

And the Oliver household still hosts Ginny’s family every week for baked beans made by their mothers and grandmothers. Max, Ginny’s 75-year-old son, has thankfully just returned home to assist his mother, even though she doesn’t seem to need it.


Although Ginny is a tough cookie and is known as “The Boss,” she still has a wicked sense of humor. She won’t let you forget it. She gave a clear and unequivocal response when asked by her doctor why she was still lobstering at the age of 101: because she wants to.

Throughout her 90-year career, Ginny has been lucky to have suffered few wounds.
Not a lobster, but a crab caused one of her most serious wounds! She stated that one of the crabs slashed her finger, requiring seven stitches, when she was selecting a few for her son-in-law. She chuckles as she asserts that the crab would have fully severed her finger if there hadn’t been a bone in the way.


Virginia is more worried about the condition of the lobster population in Maine than she is about herself.

However, when asked when she planned to retire, Ginny firmly stated that it would be after her passing.

“The Lobster Lady” Ginny Oliver is younger than many people half her age, so perhaps that won’t last for very long. Who wouldn’t want a yacht named after them? she also has one.

See the amazing footage of the Lobster Lady below!

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