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Finalists Of The Ocean Photography Contest – 2022

The ocean is the largest body found on the face of this Planet. Covering roughly around 71% of the planet’s surface, it is the home for a large number of plant and animals species including the largest animal of the world; the blue whale.

To celebrate and to spread the awareness of amazing the Oceans are, the Ocean Photography Awards conduct an annual photography contest. Calling all the Ocean lovers and photographers to submit their talent in photography, they hold this competition designated to the Oceans.

Even though the world was held back by the recent pandemic situation, many people from all over the world have submitted a huge number of artistic photos for this year’s competition. Seeping through thousands of entry submissions, the judging panel has now announced the finalists of this competition. Scroll down to check out these photos and to read more.

More info & Photo courtesy: oceanphotographyawards | Instagram

With the rising levels of Ocean pollution and climate change, this contest sheds a bright spotlight on the matters that concern the Oceans and all life it relates to. Even the photographers have given proper attention to the matter as ocean lovers.

This competition also has the unique feature of being almost fully underwater, which requires special skills to handle, swim or dive, special equipment, settings, and so on. This becomes totally different from other niches which are done on land.

The contest has also announced that it will be donating 20% of their complete profit for causes that directly looks over ocean conservation. While spreading awareness about oceans, this competition is also a chance for the photographers to show off their skill and be highlighted. Other than getting an international level exposure, the contest offers money prizes of a combined amount of £500,000 and many international brands sponsoring as well.

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