World’s First Braille Smartwatch

First Braille smartwatch in the world Makes Screen Messages Feelable for Blind People

Harsha Madushanka
Harsha Madushanka

The world is home to over 285 million individuals challenged by visual impairment. But, life's about to get a whole lot better for some of them, thanks to Dot, a game-changer in the tech world. Brought to life by a South Korean innovator, Dot is a pioneer in its own right – it's the world's maiden smartwatch equipped with Braille! And it's just as cool as you'd imagine any device fit for the 21st century.

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Dot spells out information using 4 dynamic Braille cells that are always ready for action. The users of Dot can control how quickly the characters refresh, which adds an element of customization. The smartwatch, like any of its peers, pairs up with a smartphone via Bluetooth and can receive text from any app or service out there – be it Messenger or Google Maps – you name it!


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The Dot allows its users to send short messages using buttons located on its sides. What makes it even cooler is its Open API support, opening doors for anyone to develop or modify apps for it.

Sure, digital aids for the blind have been around for a while, but the bulk of them rely heavily on sound. This can lead to some tricky situations. For one, the user needs to either plug in headphones (which means disconnecting from ambient sounds – crucial for those with vision loss) or broadcast their info to anyone within earshot. To top it all, existing digital Braille readers are often cumbersome and carry hefty price tags – no wonder only around 5% of visually impaired folks own one.


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The journey of the Dot smartwatch, from concept to a tangible device, took 3 long years. But it was worth the wait for its 140,000 backers (apparently, Stevie Wonder's one of them!). The folks at Dot plan to roll out 100,000 of these revolutionary devices in 2017, kicking off in March. The remaining 40,000 are set to make their way to users the next year. And hey, if you happen to be in London, keep an eye out – 1,000 units are up for grabs at retail outlets for a cool $320.


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It's impressive how tech advancements like the Dot smartwatch can change lives. Got a story about how technology has made a difference in your life or someone else's? Share it with us! Every story is a ripple in the pond of innovation, and your tale could be the one that starts the next wave. Let's celebrate how far we've come and inspire what's next!


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