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Florida woman gives birth to rare set of identical twins with Down syndrome

Twin pregnancies are still quite uncommon, despite a 72% increase in likelihood between 1980 and 2018. Twins are born in about 33 of every 1,000 births. What are the probabilities of having identical twins? Out of 1,000 births, three to four are identical twins on average. So once more, not very common.

Savannah Combs, age 23, was overjoyed to learn she was expecting twins. She then discovered that they both have Down syndrome, which is also unusual.

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Of course, the information was upsetting. Savannah and her husband Justin Ackerman were aware that due of her illness and the state of her children, some people would judge them.

But Savannah finds that to be the same thing that makes them so beautiful. She told News4JAX, “What they have is incredibly uncommon, but they have been my little gems.” Savannah, a Middleburg, Florida native, posted videos of her postpartum journey on TikTok with her kids Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, and the videos immediately acquired popularity.

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Savannah said in one of her videos that she was advised to abort her children because they wouldn’t survive.
She made the choice to keep them and give them a shot.

Every prenatal checkup they attended while still living was a blessing to Savannah, she said. Her husband was away at boot camp when she found out they both had Down syndrome.

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When Savannah was admitted to the hospital, she was 29 weeks along with her pregnancy and gave birth to twin daughters. Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, identical twin daughters, were born on May 12, 2021.
The twins had to spend a few weeks in the NICU before going home because they were born two months early.

She explained that because they had separate sacs but shared a placenta, they were considered mono di twins and were thus expected to be identical.

As it stands, having twins is quite uncommon. Add Down syndrome on top of that, and the odds are something like 1 in 2 million. They are just like any other youngster, according to Savannah, despite having an uncommon disease.

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“They are emotional. Their heart is pounding. They are capable of speaking. They are capable of performing tasks you can. They will arrive, she assured.

They could be a step behind, but they’re still going to do it, as I stated. These kids are cheerful and feisty little beings, I’ve learnt.
Savannah posts wonderful updates on TikTok as each youngster continues to reach their milestones.

I’m going to tell them that they’re just like us and that if they set their minds to it, they’ll succeed. Nevertheless, some people feel compelled to be critical of Savannah and her family. The young mother was forced to respond to some extremely cruel people on social media as a result.

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One person wrote to the mother, “I wouldn’t want those babies; if mine came out like that, they would be straight up for adoption.” Savannah, though, had the ideal response, which she posted on Facebook.

I remarked, “Good thing they were born to me and not to you. God knew what he was doing when he placed these infants with loving parents who would care for them no matter what.

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lovely females Anyone who asserts the contrary is just being cruel. These people are the most priceless and kind ones there are! Please spread the word about this touching tale on Facebook.

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