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Four New Budweiser Clydesdales Born at Warm Springs Ranch

Four new Budweiser Clydesdale foals have been added to the herd at Anheuser-Busch, and to celebrate, a “Football and Foals” Super Bowl viewing party is being held at the Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Missouri.

The ranch recently gave birth to the four new colts, Barron, Sergeant, Stinger, and Razor, who are taking advantage of the wintertime.

Visitors can take pictures with the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, meet the new foals, and watch the Super Bowl on four sizable televisions in the barn.

Dinner, two 16-ounce beers, and photo ops are included in the $100 price of the event tickets.

When a clydesdale is born, it weighs roughly 150 pounds and is about 3 feet tall. Within hours of birth, they are able to walk.

When they get older, they can consume up to 20 quarts of grain, 50 pounds of hay, and up to 35 gallons of water each day, growing to be 18 hands (6 feet) tall and weighing around 2,000 pounds.

Before they can join one of the three touring teams, Clydesdales must undergo years of training.

Budweiser Clydesdale breeding facility Warm Springs Ranch was founded in 2008 and has a mare/stallion and foaling barn, veterinary lab, and 10 pastures with specialised walk-in shelters.

Almost 70 Clydesdales, from foals to stallions, live in the facility. Visitors can usually take tours of the ranch, although it is closed from January to the middle of March.

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