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Giraffe Gave Dying Zoo Keeper Final Kiss Goodbye

The dying zoo employee wanted to see his companion animals, friends, and coworkers. The giraffes started kissing her farewell on their final encounter since they could feel their grief.

Animals are remarkable beings because they are sympathetic and compassionate. They are able to perceive and sense our anguish and suffering, to convey and experience our emotions, and to manage to touch our souls.

They will never forget the love they got from their human carers, as evidenced by a number of examples. A worker at Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo named Mario Ejis lived long enough to get recognition for the love he offered the animals.

He spent 25 years as a keeper at a zoo in the Netherlands. He was fighting terminal cancer and had mental impairments. He made friends with the animals and spent the first part of his childhood cleaning their cages.

He was restrained to the bed when his health got worse. He struggled with language and was unable to form complete phrases. For long time, he was unable to report to work. He received a request in 2014 that led to his return to the zoo.

When the charity called, the A Ambulance Wish Foundation made the decision to assist him. They take terminally ill patients to locations important to them personally as part of their last desires. They drove him to the Zoo in a specially designed ambulance so he could fulfil his ambition and visit his old buddies one more.

As soon as he got close to the giraffes, something extraordinary occurred. One by one, the animals entered the ambulance with Mario and peered out the windows.

They comforted him by flattering him, kissing him, and showing anguish in their eyes while they did so. Olaf Exoo, a foundation member, summarised the day by stating that Mario had “licked and sniffed a lot,” and that the last welcomes from the other viewers had given him shivers. They discovered that Mario had a sense that something was wrong with him.

Mario was fortunate to say goodbye to his cherished animal companions and workmates.

The story was shared on Facebook by the Ambulance Wish Foundation, and it quickly gained popularity, breaking the hearts of many. People’s hearts were warmed by the giraffes’ capacity to feel their friend’s suffering and their efforts to alleviate it. For everyone, it was a very memorable occasion.

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