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Grandpa protects a stray dog caIming his sick grandson, puIIs roIIed paper from his neck – Short story

Reuben, 70, calmed his unwell grandson by removing him from the house. He noticed a Saint. Bernard wearing a collar. He had no idea how this event would affect the rest of his life.

The stains on the hardwood floor beneath the refrigerator caught Reuben’s attention. The leak was now clearly visible. I must correct that. Ronnie is currently crawling more quickly, and soon he’ll be running about the area.

Reuben quickly became aware of the other problems in the house. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to afford the repairs, he sobbed uncontrollably. In his prime, he was a brilliant lawyer, but recently, he had lost all of his savings and was struggling to make ends meet.

The course of Reuben’s later years was unknown. Jonathan, Reuben’s oldest son, had left the family after Iris, Reuben’s wife, passed away. When his daughter Sara was given a cancer diagnosis a year later, Sara’s husband was unable to cope and left her.
Sara discovered she was pregnant a few weeks after her husband left her, so she moved in with her father. Throughout Sara’s pregnancy, Reuben took care of her and spent all of his savings on her care. Tragically, a few months after giving birth to Ronnie, Sara passed away from cancer.

Kindhearted people are taken care of by the cosmos.
Ronnie was Reuben’s lone hope and the only reason he had any desire to live. Yet things didn’t seem promising. Ronnie needed to be constantly watched because he had epilepsy.

Ronnie was experiencing more severe epileptic seizures. He sobbed a lot since it gave him a lot of angst. He would sob a lot before going to sleep.

Ronnie awoke once more crying before Reuben could dry his eyes. To calm him down, Reuben made the decision to take him outside the house.
Perhaps a change in surroundings could be beneficial, he reasoned.

For a while, Ronnie would divert his attention by gazing at the trees, the sky, and the birds. He did not, however, appear to be calmed. Reuben was at a loss for words.

Reuben suddenly observed a large, fluffy St. Bernard moving towards them. He feared that Ronnie would be terrified by the dog or, worse worse, suffer an injury. But when he saw the dog had a collar, it made him feel a little better.

He appears to be a pet and is not dangerous to people.

Even so, Reuben made an effort to keep the dog away from Ronnie while searching for the dog’s owners, but he was unable to locate any. Reuben was terrified and was paying close attention as the dog attempted to approach Ronnie.

Reuben suddenly realised Ronnie had ceased sobbing. When he bent over, he noticed the dog licking Ronnie’s hand. In anticipation of seeing the dog, Ronnie grinned.
Reuben was delighted by the surprise. He waited a little longer, thinking that the dog had also been left behind, to see if the owners were still around. Then he made the choice to bring him home.

Ronnie seemed to have undergone a complete transformation at home. He played with the dog all day, and as they were doing so, Reuben saw a piece of rolled-up paper fastened to the animal’s collar.

The note was taken out and read by him. Please look after my Jimmy, whoever is reading this.

My name is Melissa Underwood. I used to reside at 53 Winston Street before I was compelled to dwell at the nursing home downtown. Jimmy is a godsend and was my only pal. I’m hoping you can find Jimmy a house. Thanks.”

Reading the note shocked Reuben, and he was interested in Melissa’s tale. In order to meet her, Ronnie, and Jimmy walked down to the nursing home.

Jimmy’s appearance made Melissa ecstatic. Reuben received praise from her for caring for him. He talked about how Ronnie and himself had actually been blessed by Jimmy. Reuben, though, was more intrigued by Melissa’s tale.
Melissa cited her son’s death from a year ago. He and his wife had divorced several years prior. Yet barely a few months ago, her daughter-in-law unexpectedly appeared and listed the house for sale without her knowledge. Melissa was placed in the nursing home after she snatched the house’s keys.

Reuben felt enraged. As a former lawyer, he was aware of the hurt of abandonment and understood that the law was on Melissa’s side. He chose to support Melissa’s lawsuit against her daughter-in-law. He also made the offer for her to move in with him rather than the nursing home.

Even though the experiment lasted for months, it was worthwhile.
It came to light during the trial that Melissa’s daughter-in-law was married during the time she had a relationship with another guy in the city. Jonathan, Reuben’s oldest son, who had lost everything to gambling, was revealed to be that man. In an effort to raise money, he suggested Melissa’s daughter-in-law sell the property.

The lawsuit was won by Melissa, and her daughter-in-law was detained for fraud and forgery. A case was also started in court against Jonathan. Melissa received the house along with a sizable sum of money in punitive damages.

Even after the trial, Reuben, Melissa, Jimmy, and Ronnie continued to live together, and they had the resources to receive the best medical treatment for Ronnie. Now that they owned two homes, they were free of refrigerator leaks. Most importantly, they were surrounded by a loving and supportive family.


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