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Guy builds modern 5,700 square foot home inside desert cave.

Have you been residing underground?

We typically pose such query to those who exhibit a marked lack of knowledge regarding a current issue. Grant Johnson, however, is anything but illiterate and genuinely does reside in a cave. His remote desert home is actually almost 5000 square feet of incredibly excellent craftsmanship, replete with a music studio and contemporary furnishings!

In his 20s, Johnson relocated to Utah and acquired a sizable plot of land. Although his parcel is an inholding, which keeps it private and allows him to develop it however he sees appropriate, the land would eventually become a national monument.

Even though the enormous cave house he spent 20 years creating is off the grid, he managed to add running water and electricity so that it had all of the contemporary conveniences. Even a private room inside the complex is available for rent on Airbnb! One guest enthused about their stay:

“The Boulder mansion is unlike any other place on the planet. One of the miracles of our time is a modern house that has been carved out of a massive boulder. It was safe but exciting to cross the stream to get there. The area was surrounded by cute horses and cows, and there were stunning vistas in every direction. Don’t pass up the opportunity to stay here!

Johnson, then 17, traveled to Moab to attend school. He developed a love for hiking while pursuing his studies, and when he wasn’t in class, he worked in the town’s mines. But it didn’t take him long to realize how much he preferred town life over nature.

“I became concerned in preserving Indian ruins and began venturing farther and deeper into the woods. I then stopped seeing the news. No reading was done. He confessed to Tiny House Giant Journey, “I completely got away from everything.

He made the decision to live off the grid and found a location in the canyons where he could irrigate and grow his own food. The outcome was his vast cave home, which he undoubtedly would not have imagined decades earlier.

He required dynamite in order to accomplish this; he didn’t just need some simple tools. He initially questioned his capacity to assemble the components and turn the room into a living space. But he still went for it. But it took a while to complete.

People are motivated by it. I didn’t anticipate that at all. And this is actually the case.

Certainly, this incredible alternative dwelling has inspired us!

Watch the video down below to see more of the tour and hear Johnson speak!
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