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Herd Of Elephants Lays Down At Ease After An Exhausting 500-Kilometre Migration

When you are the biggest mammal in the land, a critically endangered species and when decide to journey across the map of China, you have to expect great deal of attention. Especially when you are down to like 300 individuals.

Image source: Drone footage: CNN

This herd of elephant reported consisting 15 members, including only one male elephant. There are three newborn elephants in this herd. Surprising fact is, one of those calves’ birth happen during the journey. The male was with the herd up until recently. For some reason he is now separated and lagging around 4 km behind. Well, he is a wild one anyway.

Image source: Drone footage: CNN

Cause for this migration is still unknown. However, 500 km journey across the land, is not an easy task even for humans with all our modern technology. But these giants are managing it pretty well so far.

Image source: Drone footage: CNN

During all these 15 months of their trek, Chinese government has been incredible support for them. The police took most of the weight of the task. So far, they deployed 500 personnel and 14 drones for their aid. The government also had to compensate the damage caused by the naughty elephants on their way to new habitat.

Image source: Drone footage: CNN

Even scientists are surprised by this amazing journey. But they are also point out that this phenomenon might forecasting some serious environmental problems in China. Degraded environment, shrinking rainforest and losing habitat may not only threaten animal lives anymore. Below we have an interesting video about their journey with few more additional facts. You are welcome to watch.

Image source: Drone footage: CNN

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