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King Charles admirer steals a cheeky kiss outside Buckingham Palace.

Thousands of mourners gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to the late Queen and see King Charles III.

On Friday afternoon, when he approached the palace’s front gates cautiously, the new King was greeted cordially by the people.

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He exited his Bentley and made his way through the crowd of hundreds, introducing himself to people who had been waiting for him all morning and shaking their hands.

Overcome with emotion, Janny Assiminios reached out to grab the King’s face before pulling him in for a cheek kiss.

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Although the act may have gone against royal protocol, Charles remained polite and appeared to thank her. Another woman kissed his extended hand as he passed by. Later, Ms. Assiminios claimed that she had asked the King’s permission before kissing him on the cheek.

She continued with a smile following the kiss, “I couldn’t believe it seeing him in front of him.”

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The King became more fervent as the mob screamed “God Save The King.”

As the Royal Standard was raised over Buckingham Palace for the first time during his reign, an emotional spontaneous singing of the National Anthem broke out.

He tried to say hello to as many people as he could in the audience, and one of the many well-wishers who had brought flowers for the event gave him a single rose.

He talked to the people for a total of 12 minutes outside the royal gates.

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A New York-based film director named Raynald Leconte claimed he had the good fortune to speak with the King and Queen Consort outside Buckingham Palace.

Ammar Al-Baldawi, 64, a retired man from Hertfordshire, commented in the midst of the masses that it was impressive, moving, and a wonderful gesture to come out in front of the people. He thinks the current location of the royal family’s outreach to the populace is there. It’s fantastic to have him back in charge, in charge of the family and the Crown; they are sincere loyalists.

Charles brought Camilla, the Queen Consort, to Buckingham Palace, but she remained in the background as he accepted greetings from the crowd. She came back to his side to take in the floral arrangements and personal notes left at the royal gates.

Around 1.30 pm, police began to disperse crowds outside Buckingham Palace’s front gate in preparation for the King’s arrival. Officers built a 30 foot aisle between the crowd and the flower arrangements.

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