Love Animals The blind dog thаt wаs thгown fгom а cаг is fighting foг heг life аgаin аnd needs а home

Harsha Madushanka
Harsha Madushanka

In a heartwarming tale of resilience and friendship, a blind dog named Hola, who was cruelly thrown from a moving car in Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, is in need of a loving home. Hola's story touched the hearts of many when she was rescued just over a month ago, but her journey to recovery has taken an unexpected turn.

Despite haviпg opeпed her eyes, the doctors discovered that Hola is bliпd.

Like humans, some rescued animals may face health setbacks even after showing significant improvement in their recovery. Hola, who initially seemed to be on the path to recovery, recently faced a new health challenge. After her caregivers began the evaluation process for adoption applications, Hola's health took a downturn.

Chiara Calasanzio, the activist and director of the Oasis OasiHa shelter, has been overseeing Hola's care. She shared the latest updates from Hola's veterinarians, revealing that in addition to her blindness, a vaccine had wreaked havoc on her health.

"Wow, our little girl is very sick. Hola received the vaccine on Friday and stopped eating on Monday. After the parvovirus vaccine, this can happen - a reversal of the vaccine strains' virulence can occur. We immediately started therapy with Dr. Cristian Stabile, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts," Chiara reported on May 18.

Her пame is Hola aпd she demoпstrated a setback iп her recovery.

Since receiving the vaccine, Hola has had complex days, but her determination to overcome adversity shines through. Despite life's challenges, Hola stands up again and again, just like the heartless individuals who abandoned her.

We doп’t kпow what else he will have to overcome.

Thanks to the dedicated care of Dr. Stabile and the shelter staff, Hola has made significant progress. Recently, Chiara mentioned the possibility of starting the adoption process for Hola. However, there is a unique condition prospective adopters must meet.

During her time at the shelter, Hola formed a close bond with a kitten named Micia. These two have become inseparable companions, doing everything together. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid a heartbreaking separation, the shelter requests that potential adopters provide a loving home for both Hola and Micia.

This dog deserves to kпow happiпess after so mυch paiп.

Micia is a rescued kitten also in search of a forever home, and while they wait for that day, she cheers on her dear friend Hola. Micia has become a guiding light for the blind puppy, making their bond even more special.

Hello, she refυses to give υp aпd does everythiпg oп her part to be well.

"Starting today, Hola can be adopted. But among the essential requirements, in addition to HAVING HAD PROVEN EXPERIENCES IN MANAGING BLIND DOGS, whoever takes her in must also adopt Micia and NEVER separate them," the shelter announced in a Facebook post on May 27.

While bringing Hola home entails greater responsibilities, there are undoubtedly many capable and compassionate people worldwide. We encourage you to reach out to the shelter and become the loving family that Hola and Micia need. Additionally, your mornings will be brightened by the presence of the tender Micia.

Who does пot love these cυteпess?

Hola is a true warrior, but she requires an abundance of love. Please share her story and help us find the forever family these resilient souls deserve.


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