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Loving Polar Bear Mama Playing With Her Baby For The First Time

When the polar bear was finally born, one of the largest zoos in Novosibirsk, Russia was filled with joy. The polar bear is the world’s greatest predator yet only reproduces every two or three years, and even less frequently in its current unnatural environment.

Image Credit: Instagram

Kay and Gerda, two very proud white bear parents, welcomed their second pup on December 7th, 2015. The little bear had no hair or defenses at all when it was first born. Cubs often stay in the den with their mothers for the first few months of their lives. It is too soon to give this wild animal a name, as the cub’s gender cannot be determined at this time.

Image Credit: Instagram

This baby snow bear first opened its eyes and perked up its ears in the month of January. It appears that this cute creature has a healthy appetite and is putting on weight nicely. Because of the staff’s concern for the child’s safety, Dad is not permitted to visit with him and Mom. Thus, Kay will spend the next year in solitary confinement.

Image Credit: Instagram

When the baby bear had matured enough, it and its mother ventured outside of the lair for the first time. The infant is reveling in its first taste of snow. It is cautiously curious about its surroundings, but it enjoys playful interaction with its mother.

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