Man Is So Moved By Viral Video Of Dog Being Dumped That He Goes Looking And Saves Him

Harsha Madushanka
Harsha Madushanka

A heart wrenching video depicting the cruel abandonment of a small brown and white puppy on the side of a road in Itabira, Brazil, went viral, ultimately leading to the happy ending for the furry little survivor. The touching tale of this puppy's rescue began when a compassionate passerby on a bicycle stumbled upon the abandoned pup a few weeks ago.

The girl who recorded the distressing incident was unable to take the puppy with her at the time. She hurried home to fetch her car with the intention of rescuing the dog. However, upon her return to the scene, the puppy had vanished without a trace. Days turned into an anxious search for the missing pup, leaving her with a heavy heart. In a desperate plea on Facebook, she shared the video along with a heartfelt caption: "I can't stop thinking about the dog. I'm not sure if he's okay."

Her heartfelt post garnered significant support, with one particular individual living in close proximity to where the puppy was abandoned taking a keen interest in the plight of the helpless animal. Moved by what he saw in the video, he embarked on a two-day mission to find the missing puppy.

When contacted by Defato Online, this anonymous Good Samaritan chose to remain nameless, preferring to keep his act of kindness a quiet one. However, a heartwarming video shared on WhatsApp captured the rescued dog's joyful moments as he frolicked with a loving family in what seemed to be their backyard.

The narrator in the video shares, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the puppy who's been causing quite a stir here in Itabira. He had a touching story, so we decided to track him down. Currently, he's under our care, receiving the nourishment and supplies he needs, except for one thing."

The community is now being invited to participate in the heartwarming tale by suggesting a name for the rescued puppy. Options like Pietro, Einstein, or Xerebebeu have been put forward, with "Pietro" currently leading in popularity, according to reports.

Thanks to the compassionate witness and the determined individual who refused to give up on rescuing the abandoned puppy, what began as a harrowing tale has now culminated in a heartwarming and happy ending. Share this inspiring story of dog rescue with your friends and family!


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