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Man renovating home finds historic 400-year-old paintings of ‘national significance’

Kitchen fitters who were renovating Doctor Luke Budworth’s home in Micklegate, York, found paintings dating back to 1660

A doctor who was remodeling his kitchen was astonished to find “nationally significant” artwork that date back 400 years.

The paintings were found by Luke Budworth’s kitchen installers at his property in Micklegate, York, in north Yorkshire, and are believed to date from 1660.

Late last year, Luke uncovered the first piece of the artwork in his kitchen. Since then, he has unearthed other fragments of the picture, which he found boarded up beneath the roof on both sides of the chimney.

The wall on which the scenes are painted may be older than the houses on either side, according to experts.

According to Historic England, the paintings may be of national importance and offer information about the street’s past.

A medical researcher at Leeds University named Dr. Luke stated: “The kitchen fitters first noticed it under my kitchen cupboard.

It is thought the painting, pictured with Luke Budworth, dates back to around 1660 ( Image: Courtesy Luke Budworth / SWNS)

“When they discovered it, I am aware that a similar piece of wood could have contained the same information on the other side of the chimney.

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We were aware that there was an odd wall piece, but we just assumed the apartment was really wonky because it had been so many different things over the years.

I started ripping it off after getting very excited and grabbing my tools. It’s older than the actual building because at first I thought it was old Victorian wallpaper but soon realized it was actually a drawing on the wall of the structure next door.

“It’s thought to date to the 1660s, or the time of the American Civil War.

Kitchen fitters found the historic painting in a wall at the flat ( Image: Luke Budworth / SWNS)

It’s crazy to imagine that it existed before to events like the Great Fire of London and other such occurrences.

Scenes from Francis Quarles’ 1635 book Emblems, a poem, are depicted in the artwork.

Luke, a native of Warrington, Cheshire, stated he was drawn to York because of its historical significance when he initially relocated here in October 2020.

In addition to helping researchers learn more about the region’s socioeconomic history, he intends to seek financing for conservation work to be done on the artwork.

Luke continued, “York’s historical significance was one of the things that drew me to live here. It’s incredible to realize that the history extends inside my apartment as well as outdoors.

The book the historic and “nationally significant” paintings are from ( Image: Luke Budworth / SWNS)

“They’re kind of a burden, but I’m very happy to have found them and I love them. I understand that there is no outside support and that conservation fees run into the thousands of pounds.

“To prevent direct sunlight from hitting them and fading their color, I have covered them up for the time being.

“They are covered by the replica that we have placed on top of a high-resolution printout of them.

“We’re hoping to spread the news and see if any organisations or PhD candidates are interested in undertaking some experimental conservation projects.

I also hope that this causes others on Micklegate to begin suspiciously inspecting their own barriers.

The historic paintings were found in a kitchen in York ( Image: Luke Budworth / SWNS)

That was a “amazing rediscovery,” according to Historic England’s chief architectural investigator for the north area.
We believe they have national significance, and in the context of York, where residential wall paintings are rather uncommon, they have particular interest.

In the context of York, where household wall paintings are rather uncommon, they are of particular interest, according to a representative for Historic England.

The friezes have been covered by Historic England to help preserve them.

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