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Man saves tired fawn that collapsed in the middle of the road while mama deer watched

Steve Knopp and his companions were driving their pickup along a lovely route when they noticed something peculiar. They stopped their vehicle in order to investigate the mass that was laying in the middle of the road after spotting it lying there. As they approached, they noticed the hairy mass was a young deer!

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The fawn appeared to be roadkill from a distance, but upon closer investigation, the men discovered that it was still alive. Even though the fawn’s legs were in strange postures, there were no indications that it had been harmed.

Image credit: YouTube

As the men approached the newborn deer, it was laying in the middle of the road and breathing loudly. Although its legs were twisted beneath it in bizarre postures, it did not appear to be in any pain.

According to the males in the video, the baby’s mother was on the opposite side of the road watching them. Initially, they believe it would be best to park the vehicle by the roadside and wait for the fawn to regain its strength and cross the road on its own.

However, this would be extremely dangerous because oncoming automobiles might not see the deer fawn lying on the road.

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So one of the men decided to carefully pick it up and transport it to the opposite side of the road.

Image credit: YouTube

Slowly approaching from behind, he gently stroked the fawn to determine whether it would move.

Image credit: YouTube

When it did not react, he picked it up and took it across the street to where the mother deer was waiting in the woods.

Once the fawn reached secure on the other side, it immediately leapt to its mother’s side. The men cheered and could not contain their elation at what had just occurred!

In non-emergency scenarios, the fawn should be left alone, according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife in the area, which congratulated the men for their nice act but advised the public to leave the fawn alone.

Image credit: YouTube

The reason for this is because human contact with fawns may prevent their mothers from caring for them. If nothing more can be done, the fawn should be cleaned down with a towel after being handled, if possible.

This issue concluded on a positive note, and everything turned out okay. Please share this incredible tale with your Facebook friends and family.

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