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Man who spent £19,000 to become a wolf no longer feels human

Imagine stepping into the wild, immersing yourself in nature, and experiencing life as a wild animal. For many, wildlife photography, travel, and filming are thrilling ways to connect with nature. However, one man took his fascination with wildlife to an extraordinary level.

Image credits: Zeppet Workshop

Meet Toru Ueda, an engineer from Tokyo, Japan, with an unusual desire: to experience life as a wolf. Driven by this unique passion, Ueda spent a staggering $23,000 on a custom-made wolf suit. This incredible costume, designed by the renowned production and modeling company Zeppet, is so realistic that it perfectly mimics the appearance of a real wolf.

Image credits: Zeppet Workshop

The journey to create this lifelike suit involved extensive communication between Ueda and the talented team at Zeppet. Through numerous emails and face-to-face meetings, the designers meticulously crafted the suit over seven weeks, ensuring every detail was perfect.

Image credits: Zeppet Workshop

Ueda’s motivation for donning the wolf suit stems from a deep curiosity about living as a wild animal. He longed to see the world through an animal’s eyes, temporarily escaping the human experience. This unique idea, though unconventional, highlights Ueda’s commitment to fulfilling his childhood dream.

When wearing the wolf suit, Ueda feels a profound transformation. He no longer identifies as human and revels in the freedom of hiding his true identity. However, he wisely chooses not to wear the suit in Tokyo or on public occasions, recognizing the potential risks. Fortunately, Ueda has supportive friends who share in his happiness and help him realize his dream.

Image credits: Zeppet Workshop

Ueda’s story has sparked significant interest, with many others requesting similar wolf suits from Zeppet. His journey from childhood dream to reality has inspired many and demonstrated the lengths people will go to fulfill their unique passions.

Image credits: Zeppet Workshop

This fascinating tale of transformation is one that captivates the imagination. Share this incredible story with your friends and family on Facebook and spread the wonder of Ueda’s extraordinary adventure.

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