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McDonald’s teen employee hopped through drive-thru window to save a customer from choking on a chicken nugget

A 15-year-old girl named Sydney Raley was involved in this incident. She used the Heimlich technique to save a McDonald’s customer from choking, and from that incident, she saw what a one-hour training can do for someone. Sydney was working at a McDonald’s in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, south of Minneapolis, on a Saturday shift.

Sydney Raley

On this day, she went away from the window after handing a woman part of her order. However, when she returned to tell her that the remainder of the order will be out soon, what she saw shocked her. She noticed a woman who looked to be choking in her car.

Raley told CNN that “She was coughing like crazy, and I saw she was gagging,” The woman was with her baby, and the kid looked very terrified.

Sydney Raley

Suddenly, she realized the woman was choking. Raley immediately told her colleague to dial 911 and jumped from the drive-thru window to assist the choking customer. Luckily, Raley had previously completed the babysitting first aid class from the Red Cross, and she managed to assist the choking client with the help of another person by using the Heimlich technique.

Sydney Raley

Finally, the chicken nugget was safely removed, and the woman expressed her thanks. The incident had already been managed before the emergency team arrived. They said, Woah, you are a lifesaver & you are a superhero. They gave her $100 as an appreciation from a fund set up to recognize and reward community members who performed excellent things.

“We are very proud of Sydney’s brave actions to save one of our customers over the weekend.”

Owner-operator – Paul Ostergaard

This is what the owner-operator, Paul Ostergaard, stated in a written statement. Also, he says they are lucky to have Sydney as part of their restaurant.

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