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Memphis Has Good Youth: Woman Thanks Stranger For Act Of Kindness.

One can choose to be good and kind. You make the decision to promote love and generosity in the world and serve as an example of what a decent person should be to others.

Olivia Jennings struck up a lively discussion with the two young men in front of her as she waited in line at a Marathon gas station. One of them eventually turned around and offered to pay for the gas. Jennings initially assumed he was joking, so she pulled out her credit card and pretended she could cope. However, the young man persisted, giving her $20.

Image credit: Facebook/Binns-Jennings Olivia

She asked him if she could snap a photo with him to post online because she was so moved by his gesture. Jenning expressed her want for the world to know that Memphis has some lovely young people in a Facebook post.

Many people have liked and shared the post. Encouragement is needed. Inspire. alter lives. Relate this tale.

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