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Mom didn’t want to raise baby with Down Syndrome so loyal dad decides to raise the baby all on his own

Thousands of kids are born each day throughout the world with circumstances that make them unique in some manner. Of course, all newborns are lovely, and none are less deserving of our love, care, and attention.

Unfortunately, not everyone accepts this truth. Some parents, shockingly, consider abandoning or disowning their kids if they are not considered ideal in their judgmental eyes after they are born.

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Regardless of the fact that we are meant to live in an age of understanding and logic, many kids with Down syndrome are nevertheless born into ambiguity due to continued prejudice around the disease.

A Russian dad is working to eliminate every taboo associated with Down syndrome while parenting his son, Misha, who suffers from the condition.

According to reports, Evgeny Anisimov, 33, is on a goal to teach the world that kids with Down syndrome are just as deserving of love and kindness as any other kid. He is parenting Misha on his own after his wife left since she couldn’t cope with her son’s illness.

Image credit: Instagram/@evgen_tyz

“I worry that your kid has Down Syndrome,” a doctor informed Evgeny and his wife barely 1 minute and 39 seconds after their son was born.

The father expressed he didn’t know what to do when he learnt of the idea that his son had Down Syndrome. He felt his job now was to turn off emotions, spark thinking, and assist his wife because he felt it would be more tough for her.

They were guaranteed the findings of the analysis in a few days, and he chose not to say anything to her until then.

He recalls leaving the hospital and crying after discovering that his baby has Down Syndrome,” he stated. These tears afterwards made him feel a bit uncomfortable. After all, nothing had altered his life in general.

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He still had two limbs and two legs, and his professional expertise had gone nowhere. Everything was with him: his resolve, energy, interest, and so forth. His kid was delivered just as he had intended. But the infant is unique; his life and future are already highly important. And he is raging right now! This is a form of greed! Isn’t it unjust? No, that is entirely his fault. You did not have an amniocentesis, which is understandable given the minimal likelihood.

You desired a kid, therefore you accepted responsibility for it. After all, there are several possibilities: autism, cerebral palsy, genetic abnormalities… And, as he subsequently discovered, Down Syndrome is not the worst.

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Evgeny started his studies on Down syndrome the same night. He added that he learnt that persons with Down Syndrome are well-socialized in Europe and can live and work independently. However, that had no bearing on the conclusion He had already taken.

Abandoning his son was just not an alternative for the new parent. Unfortunately, his wife did not share his sentiments.

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He remarked, he never considered leaving his son in an orphanage; it would be terrible. He and his wife subsequently divorced, and now Evengy is raising Misha by himself.

When a child is born, he asks the outside world, ‘Am I required here or not?’” he explained. And Evgeny responded confidently, ‘Son, you are needed!’ Being alone with him is a typical behaviour for a normal man. He highlights that he is a normal man, not a hero.

Evegny’s goal is to promote knowledge of Down syndrome so that no future parent feels having a kid with the illness is a punishment or a barrier that cannot be surmounted.

Image credit: Instagram/@evgen_tyz

He said that he wants all the pieces about Mishka and himself that are being published to transmit that notion to society and implant it. He wishes to encourage and motivate those who are or will be in the same circumstances as him by setting a good example. He attempts to contact people who are nearby, and he writes to those who are far away. He hopes that individuals who are through problems, like they were, will read about them. Don’t be afraid! Everything will be well!

Folks like Evegny deserve to be honoured to the sky. What an incredible character he is, and how fortunate Misha is to have been blessed with him for a son.

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