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‘My baby will have the same name as a cartoon character – I’m worried it’s a mistake’

A mum has said she’s unsure of the baby name she’s picked out for her son because it’s the same name as a popular cartoon character – and some say it’s ‘unusable’

Parents will draw inspiration from a variety of sources when selecting a baby name, including fictional characters, well-known people, and members of their own family.

Nevertheless, one expectant mother is now regretting the name she chose for her kid because she mistakenly selected the same name as a very well-known cartoon character.

The mother claimed that she had struggled to decide between the names Calvin and Jasper for her soon-to-arrive child; nevertheless, she and her husband have since begun combining them into one name, Casper.

Despite the fact that they both adore the name, the mother is now concerned that her son would face discrimination because he shares the same name as Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Casper is also the name of the popular cartoon ghost ( Image: Universal Pictures)

She stated in a Reddit post: “Calvin and Jasper are the two front-runners for our July baby, according to my husband and I. We merged them since we didn’t want to commit to either one and for fun, so I began calling him Casper.

“But now I’m wondering if Casper is genuinely useful. It may be a contender. I’m aware of the friendly ghost association, but I’m hesitant to be concerned because the programme was hardly relevant to me at 30 years old, and I doubt my son’s generation will even know what it is. And even if they do, the association is not at all detrimental.

“But I could be completely wrong about this. Can you use Casper? If not, do you favour Jasper or Calvin?”

While several commenters thought the name was still a perfectly viable option despite the cartoon associations, others claimed they would personally avoid it.

Someone wrote: “That seems appropriate to me because the ghost connotation isn’t too horrible and it fits with Cassius and Caspian’s apparent rise in popularity. While both Jasper and Calvin are great, I prefer Calvin.”
Another person added: “There is a Casper in my son’s class, and I have no other thoughts at all. But the youngsters are in the dark.”

A third added: “It’s a beautiful name, Casper. I recall the movie The Ghost, which is not debatable and which I relished seeing when I was younger. His playmates won’t understand the allusion nonetheless. It suffices if that is the name that appeals to you the most.”
One person, though, disagreed and said: “I suppose I’m in the minority, but I don’t like it. Casper the Friendly Ghost comes to mind.”

“Another Reddit user wrote, “I’m basing this off the strong link I have with the ghost based on broad pop culture allusions. I’m probably in the minority here, but I think it’s incredibly unusable. It’s a far too strong of a link for me even if I’ve never seen it (the programme, the movie, I don’t even know).”

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