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Nobody seemed to enjoy his music, but the kittens were there for him! (With Video)

On a street in Pangkor, Malaysia, an enthusiastic street musician was playing, but no one seemed to be paying attention.

So, just as he was about to end the performance, he unexpectedly noticed four two-month-old kittens listening to his music in front of him.

The Four Kittens Showed Others That His Music Was Worth Listening To by Paying Close Attention To It And Coming To Support Him.

He gave the kittens a pat on the head and some love as a way of saying “thank you” for coming to hear his music and watch him perform.

This demonstrated that animals do not behave in such a manner at a time when human kindness is on the decline.

He was Definitely Made Day by These Kittens! And the sweetest part of the story is that this handsome man adopted them!

the YouTube video

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