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Observant Uber Driver Senses Passenger Needs Help Not Knowing It Would Change His Entire Life

When she desperately needed help, he decided to step in. Then, she did him one better. There’s a reason your parents worry about the places you go. Most of us have never been threatened or robbed before, and we end up thinking like it’ll never happen. But the reality is: that the chances of it happening are low, but never zero.

In this TikToker’s case, she was unfortunate enough to learn that very thing. TikToker Becca Moore was having fun at Coachella like many people her age when she was robbed shortly after. Becca was talking to a guy she met at the event without suspecting a thing. Why would she? She had no reason to. But that’s how those people get you. Like I mentioned earlier, most people never have it happen to them.

And it’s those people that perpetrators will target because they won’t expect a thing. At first, she assumed he was trying to flirt with her. Becca entertained him in conversation a bit before turning around to talk to her friend. That’s when her friend heard him say “I’m gonna make this girl talk to me tomorrow. I’m gonna steal her stuff.” And he did just that.

Her phone, purse, and keys to her rental car were stolen. Becca was now stranded in a random Californian city. The worst had happened. Becca returned to the hotel and informed them about what happened. Fortunately, the hotel was helpful and paid for an Uber ride to help Becca to a Sprint store. The Uber driver immediately noticed that something bad had happened to Becca.

She told him that she’d been robbed and couldn’t get her phone back. According to Becca, his reaction was “Not on my watch”. He drove to the Sprint store demanding they help Becca, and left upon realizing that they couldn’t help much. The Uber driver, whose name is Raul Torres, then took her to a police station and filed an entire police report for her.

Raul made it very clear to Becca that he was now her friend, and he was going to do everything to help her. But first things first, they had to chill a little while. Things were proving stressful, so they made a stop at Starbucks where he paid for both of their drinks. Now there’s a friend right there!

“So Raul was in chare of me at all this entire day. He was just being a detective with me. For fun?” – she said in a TikTok video. They go some leads on the guy’s name and where he was, but the police weren’t exactly helpful according to them.

But before they continued their quest to relocate her phone, Raul treated them to Margaritas first. What a wonderful friend he is! They traced her phone and learnt that the culprit left it on top of the gate, probably in an attempt to cover up his tracks. She now had her phone back. Though the story doesn’t end there.

While all this was happening, Raul was also sharing pictures and stories of his own family. He had his own story to tell, and it was almost like fate meant for them to become friends. His daughter was undergoing chemotherapy, and his father had terminal cancer. And Raul took to Uber driving to care for both of them. That’s just how kind he was. To think he was also looking after a stranger while dealing with all of this. This all truly speaks to how sweet and wonderful of a person Raul is.

Raul never charged Becca a thing, and never expected anything in return. He had a lot of his own hardships. but still went out of his way to help a stranger like her. Of course, Becca felt it was now her time to help Raul. It’s what anyone would do, really. A GoFundme was up in no time, with a goal of 1,000 dollars. The goal was exceeded in less than a day, and Becca kept raising the goal because the family deserved it. Raul was truly just a humble man who loved his family and helping people.

Becca wouldn’t forget what he did, and they were now obviously the best of friends. Every single time, the donations poured in and exceeded the goals. After everyone learned how sweet Raul was, this was bound to happen. Raul’s dad soon pas*sed away shortly after, bringing funeral expenses into the mix. It was by then that Becca had already raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Torres family. It really shows how far a bit of kindness can go.

The internet loves Raul now, and his own family members tell everyone that he truly is an angel on this Earth. All in all, Becca’s story is moving and heartwarming in so many ways. It’s worth watching for yourself. Everyone could use a friend like Raul, don’t you agree?

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