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Officer takes 94-year-old man on 2,200-mile road trip

When an interviewer told Sgt. Turney that a cop can only be expected to do so much he said, “Yeah. But as a person, you’ve got to step it up.”

How prepared are you for an impromptu road trip? Every police officer will concur that you never know what will happen when the phone rings at the station.


Sergeant Jeff Turney found himself packing his luggage as a result when he replied to a dispatch. A call from one of Howard Benson’s children was the catalyst for the entire situation.

His son reported him to the police. What followed was both humorous and endearing. Following the call, Sergeant Turney knocked on Benson’s door.

The 94-year-old veteran apparently intended to travel by car to Florida to be nearer to his family.


just as obstinate as they come. Because Benson was simply too obstinate, you can’t hold it against his frightened kids for phoning the police. They hoped the cops would be able to reason with the elderly man.

When Sergeant Turney entered Benson’s house, he observed the man seated as though no grand adventure was in the works.

“Howard was wearing his WWII helmet when I got there. He was quite proud of his service, according to Sergeant Turney, who spoke to ABC.

akin to speaking with a brick wall. Sergeant Turney felt as though he was trying to move a mountain.


But he also understood that he couldn’t abandon Benson. He can’t drive because he is wheelchair-bound, for starters.

Second, he intended to travel by car from Glendale, Arizona, to Florida, the location of his new nursing facility. Many police officers have gone above and above for their neighborhood.

Sergeant Turney is accustomed to going above and beyond to assist, but this time, he really went the extra mile.


It received no assistance. He returned to Benson and assisted him in loading a trailer being towed. Benson requested the Sergeant if he could assist him in finding a driver so that he may complete his last task while beaming.

Before informing the elderly guy that he would handle it himself, Sergeant Turney said “no.”


“After giving it some thinking, I realized he was going to go anyhow. How about I take you? I asked him when I had the next three days off. You?! he exclaimed while wearing a large smile on his face. He informed ABC.

a heartfelt present. Sergeant Turney joined along on this grand journey using his own vacation time and funds.


The following three days were spent discussing Benson’s 94 years of life, ranging from his time in the Navy during World War II to his concerns about moving into his new nursing facility.

He acknowledged to Sergeant Turney that it might be his final trip, therefore he made the decision to drive so he could see America one last time.


Fortunately, Benson ran into Sergeant Turney. After their epic journey, Benson gently passed away. On Twitter, the Glendale Police Department posted a brief obituary:

He had one more opportunity to see his native country. He celebrated his birthday and Veteran’s Day once again. Howard Benson, however, regrettably, died away yesterday. According to the police station’s tweet.


In a CBS interview, Benson remarked, “I can’t thank that gentleman enough. I’ve never seen a person so dedicated to helping people in my life.”

Check out the decision made by a police officer to transport a veteran from Arizona to Florida. Please share this with your loved ones.

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