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Old lady who went viral with ‘I need more beer!’ sign dies at 94

No one can forget what it was like in the early days of the crisis, even though the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over all of our lives for more than a year now and we are now seeing the end of the tunnel.

They were in fear, confusion, segregated from their loved ones, and confined to their homes. Yet in the midst of the commotion, one courageous warrior spoke up and declared what we were all thinking: I need a beer now.

She was 93-year-old Olive Veronesi from Seminole, Pennsylvania, who went viral after holding up a sign that read, “I need more beer!” while confined to her home.

Olive tragically passed away this week, shortly after her 94th birthday. Yet, she will always be regarded as a genuine beer legend.

The coronavirus pandemic was at its worst in April of last year, and the elderly woman was acting responsibly by staying inside her house.

Olive, however, had a much more serious problem at the time since she was running low on her favourite beer while everyone else was fighting over toilet paper.

Olive told KDKA that she was down to her final 12 cans. I drink a beer every night, and as long as you don’t overdo it, it’s healthy because it contains vitamins.

People all throughout the nation reacted to the picture by saying, “Get this woman a beer.” It also reached representatives of Molson Coors, the company that produces Coors Light, Olive’s go-to everyday drink.

Two firm representatives picked up a stock of cold ones and delivered it right to Olive’s door because they didn’t want to lose their biggest supporter.

Mark Linder of Molson Coors told KDKA, “My associate and I threw up 10 cases of beer, drove up, and made sure Olive had her beer so she can maintain her healthy routine of a Coors lite a day.

Olive acquired 15 cases of Coors Lite in the end and immediately cracked open a cold one.

Olive responded, “I think it’s wonderful, something for a young lady.

“Got more beer!” she announced while holding up another sign.

KDKA reports that Olive passed away on May 4. Yet according to her family, she continued to enjoy her beers right up until the last end, toasting her 94th birthday on Friday with a few Coors.

Olive, please go in peace. You will be remembered for making us smile during a very trying period.

Open a beer can tonight and raise a glass in Olive’s honour. To honour this legend, tell others this tale.

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